The root of the word "coach" comes from English and literally means carriage. From 1886 it was also used for the term of a private tutor at universities or colleges. In this context, it referred to accompanying, instructing and guiding other people.

If a person claims to be able to give impulses for an alternative point of view, he should therefore have a solid carriage in which he can take others along. However, solid does not necessarily mean comfortable. One should not expect from a coaching that everything corresponds to the own conceptions. Why would you need coaching then?


My insights are based exclusively on practical experience in meeting and working with people. However, since the journey of life for most is not a comfortable one, one should rather assume that the journey in the carriage is not always comfortable either. However, everyone has the option of getting off along the way. While this makes it easier for everyone, it also makes it equally more ineffective because there is no way to prevent an interruption or the personal self-abandonment of the person being taken along.


Twenty-six years ago, I worked at the CEO level myself. These levels are extremely rarely about people or humanity, even if it is never communicated that way to the outside world. Workers or employees are numbers (personnel numbers) who are placed in relation to their efficiency for the company. This results in a wage/salary that should be as low as possible. This allows the highest possible profit to be promised to the shareholders. This and much more leads to the fact that people as workers or employees are rarely seen as emotional and social beings. They are rather a costly and indispensable necessity to achieve the declared corporate goals. If they can be rationalized away, this option is taken up only to gladly.


In these circles, it is of little interest whether an employee is going through a private stroke of fate. In case of doubt, there are vacation days or special legal regulations for this, otherwise the motto is: work. Personnel managers and department heads hire people because they can resonate with them. Later, these new employees are placed in groups where this resonance ability no longer exists and one wonders about disharmony and performance losses. Finally, if efficiency is poor, the HR office issues termination papers to the weakest link in the chain. When a board member or a managing director makes the vision of sales increases and more profit tasty to his shareholders, the background described above, which is always at the expense of other people, remains hidden.


For these and other reasons, and despite all the usual benefits that come with such a job, I voluntarily left these floors after three years. My new set goal was to achieve more humanity on these levels. However, the result was unsuccessful. Why? Let's remember that regularly over 663 million inhabitants of the earth suffer from malnutrition, every 2.8 seconds one person in the world starves to death. Annually, 1.72 trillion US dollars are spent on armaments (one million US dollars every 18.28 sec.). All these aspects are decided or at least supported by politicians, supervisory boards, board members or managing directors. At these levels, the only changes that are of interest are those that lead to the optimization of profits.


In small and medium-sized companies, things are seen differently. In these places, it is less a question of sales or capital. There, people depend on each other and have to permanently face new challenges in order to survive in the end.


There I met people who were in situations where they needed an alternative view of the world, who were looking for answers to questions. Questions like: How do I get more harmony and collaboration in my company. Why do I keep having the same problems with my colleagues or employees? How can we all work together to realize the visions in our company? How do I communicate ideas and values so that we all pursue the same goals?


But there are also recurring questions in the private sphere: Why am I the way I am? Why do I always end up with the same people? Why do I always find myself in the same emotional traps? What am I supposed to do now? How can I get out of it? How can I realize myself more? How can I be the person I always wanted to be without having to bend in society or losing acceptance?


In the last 20 years I have spent over 19,000 hours directly with more than 5,300 people on the deepest soul level, giving them new visions, lectures and followed invitations. The lives of the people I met were characterized by suffering, unhappiness, mental pain, happiness, contentment or harmony. Whereby in the end each of these experiences always built on the same pattern, which I call the three constants of life. They are the three aspects that are the same for all people and shape everyone's reality.


These attributes are: Birth, Death and the individual emotional experiences that no human being can avoid. One can be pretty, ugly, rich, poor, intelligent, a simple thinker, healthy, sick, a judge, criminal, VIP or a normal person. Whoever you think you are or would like to be, nothing in life will be able to protect you from your own and individual emotional experiences. Basically, we experience our entire being solely in an emotional way.


A community can only function optimally if everyone feels well taken care of and individually perceived. Only when these three constants have arrived in people's minds will the visions that we carry within us and that call out to be lived serve the good of all. But are all visions realizable with the insight described above? The fact is, if they are possible and if this has reached all people, then this results in a great energetic effect of togetherness. That should be the goal of all people and it is the goal that I have set for myself.