Part 1: What are your visions, your innermost wishes and dreams? A world as you would like it to be, as it seems to you worth living in, and in which you would like to realize your visions.

Part 2: How big is your actual ability to resonate with your own visions? Which in the end also leads to the question, what are you willing to give? What is your heart really burning for? You can find in your head what you don't have in your soul. But in your soul is not always what your mind tells you.

Part 3: Talents, skills? What opportunities do you have to be able to realize your vision?

Part 4: In the end, every cause created leads to an effect. This will also affect the implementation of your visions. At this point, we will get ahead of time to see what causes your visions will set. What effects are to be expected with it? Whereby this question concerns not only yourself, but also society.

Part 5: In everything we do, we must include the emotional impact of all those affected. Therefore, the question of what your own visions, if implemented appropriately, will trigger emotionally in other people involved in them and in yourself is equally important.


A young person wants to become an influencer. The vision of being the center of attention has a big impact on others. What do the words and actions cause on an emotional level in other people? And does what is caused end up being purposeful, except for the influencer? What if it causes others to be insecure, envious, or at worst, hateful or depressed? What kind of role model does one take on in such a case?

This most important approach is not taken into account even in one of the currently most successful coaching methods, the so-called "Disney method". But if it is about tying one's own success also with the well-being of other people, this important point must be considered as well.

Part 6: The path to living one's own visions also goes hand in hand with separating oneself from old patterns. It requires a change in thinking. Old structures, indoctrinations may have to be replaced by new elements. Which may be partly accompanied by the emergence of fears that may oppose the feasibility of the future visions.

Part 7: At the very end of our journey, if the visions are implementable, we will have found a path that is viable for you. It will be a piece of your life's path that is made for you. Something that only concerns you and yet equally carries a positive part for the benefit of all. It doesn't matter if it's a career, a partnership or a part of your life that will lead you to further goals. Because one thing is for sure, we can only ever take life step by step and look at it retrospectively. Even if many people would like to have a life, which is more or less fixed from A to Z. But this life does not exist! But this life does not exist!

The life is a dynamic process in which many ways cross. There is no such thing as a secure life, even with the greatest fortune in the world. Our emotional experiences in the good as well as negative cannot be reached also by money durably. As is shown to us again and again by relationship dramas or disease fates even with the richest people in the world. But an emotionally satisfied life for oneself and for the benefit of all will offer much less surface for emotional conflicts, because one is at peace with oneself.