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Here, too, the same prerequisites apply as already described under the point Concept Implementation. However, the focus here is on the emotional worlds and the law of cause and effect. By means of simple examples and tasks, the students and diverse are familiarized with the law of "emotional perception" and the deepening of the cause and effect principle.


Below is a small excerpt of topics:


We all live in an emotional world and therefore no one can avoid their individual emotional experiences. What does this mean for you, your classmates, friends and all other people in your private life environment.


The power of words is almost limitless. Do we always choose words wisely? How do we deal with words, what effect do they have on others.


A change of perspective can sometimes be very helpful. Only those who stand outside the herd can evaluate both subjectively and, to some extent, objectively what the herd is doing. How do I place myself outside the herd without making myself an outsider. How do I use the herd for my own insights?


Heroes are celebrated. But what makes a good and exemplary hero? Is a hero really always the person to be celebrated?


How we see ourselves (working group with social pedagogue). Is the perception I have of myself really correct? How do I see myself, how do others see me? What qualities and talents do others see in me that I don't see.


How can we function better as a community? (Working group with social pedagogue) In what direction should our society change in the coming years? What should our future look like? What do we need to do to make that happen? What can the individual do. How can we become a role model in the community?


A double lesson (2 x 45 minutes) is scheduled for this concept. It can be booked on-site or as an online concept. The price can be found under the menu item Prices.