Topics covered:

What are your visions, definition of your innermost desires and dreams?


How big is your actual ability to resonate with your own visions?


The influence of people in daily interaction.

All free-swinging systems try to synchronize themselves, also simple matter. Since humans themselves are free-swinging entities, they cannot escape this compulsive physical effect of synchronization.


In everything we do, we must include the emotional effects of all concerned.


Talents, skills? What capabilities do you have to be able to realize your vision?


What is your resilience to those who try to prevent your visions from happening for a variety of reasons (conscious or unconscious)?


Self-awareness in the here and now.

Human perception is the key to everything.

How do we perceive?

Is what we perceive only our subjective reality?

Questioning one's own position.


The path to living one's visions also goes hand in hand with separating oneself from old patterns. It requires a change in thinking. Old structures, indoctrinations may have to be replaced by new elements.

Recognizing old patterns.

Outsmarting the unconscious and reprogramming it.


The intuitive perception of the human being.

Our emotional worlds (recognizing and reforming).


The new way of dealing with ourselves.


Our physical well-being as an additional contribution to cognition and motivation.


The new personal interaction with our environment.


Setting the start-up for your own visions for the benefit of all.


The total package includes between 4 and 7 hours (depending on the number of participants) and can take place in person in compliance with the usual hygiene standards as well as online via Zoom, the probably leading online platform for live video conferencing. It is used by many well-known companies, schools, colleges or universities.



For all the previously mentioned reasons, the coaching concept 'Live Visions' is designed for the long term, religion-free and for the benefit of society. Many parts of the concept are based on well-founded and proven scientific aspects.


A good general education is fully sufficient for understanding. Despite a few scientific aspects, it is clearly explained and kept likewise with a good general knowledge. Individual questions are always answered.


All participants will receive a corresponding invitation link. It is recommended to use the Zoom app. It is available for Android, IOS (Apple) and can be installed for free via the Google Play Store/IOS App Store. It can also be used with any standard web browser and the Windows 10 ® operating system.