The goal

Live Visions" stands for where and what you want to stand for in your future. And not only for yourself alone, but also in relation to your own ability to resonate with others and thus for the benefit of society. Especially in accordance with the mentioned three laws: resonance, cause and effect and emotional perception.


Unlike most other coaching concepts, this is not just about being successful and happy. These two aspects will happen automatically if you can live your own vision. No, this is also about a holistic idea. To be able to contribute to a more advanced society with your own visions.


Live visions would like to accompany you on the path that enables you to reach your individual visions. What these look like for you or as a group, whether they are career steps, happiness in partnership, a more self-determined life or other aspects, does not matter. In the end, it's about achieving that you can live your own visions.


Live your visions in a new social consciousness, why?



Living visions?

The word "vision" stood in ancient times for a supernatural appearance, revelation, a dream or illusion. Nowadays it finds more and more meaning for a wishful image or a draft of the future. In this sense, a vision is a motivating, positively formulated idea of a coming event or a state that people want to achieve in their lives. "Live Visions" thus also stands for where and what you yourself want to stand for in the future.


Live Visions coaching and seminars create a new awareness in our society

All over the world people are suffering from various causes. Can this be reconciled with the thoughts of religions and ethics? It doesn't matter whether one perceives certain life events as a reward or punishment from God/Allah, views them from the perspective of Buddhism, Hinduism, Ethical Atheism, nature or simply as a life event. Without exception, all of the above guiding principles are preceded by one thing. They all follow the principle of cause and effect. A law, which is integrated as a firm element in our world. It is proved by the physics, continues up to every spoken word or an accomplished act as a cause and ends in an effect. At the end every created cause leads to an effect. For ourselves, for our counterpart and on further levels even on the whole world. This shows that all of us and everyone for himself bears a great responsibility in society. But there is also the long forgotten "causalis finalis". This states that we can set an effect at any time, but whose cause we only recognize in the future. This understanding and especially application has unfortunately gradually disappeared from our society after the times of Socrates and Plato. The concept of live Visions pursues, among other things, the goal of bringing this aspect back into our lives, which inevitably goes hand in hand with a more conscious lifestyle.


Happiness does not come from fortune alone

Who depends his happiness only on the outside in the sense of: Car, house, garden, bank account, swimming pool, yacht, jewelry, money, wealth, power, Instagram or Youtube followers, beautiful women, men or sporting maxims, will probably remain his whole life in this dependence of the outside. For other people, happiness means having a partner or a family. Others see their individual sense of happiness in achieving their individual self-realization (personal goals). This raises the fundamental question of what happiness means for oneself. But it is also certain that one is always a part of what happens in life. Because you have previously gone your own ways, which have brought you to exactly the point where you encountered the supposed fortune. As a result, fortune is not what many people think it is. It is simply the sequence of life events, in which one also owns a share.


The law of resonance and the emotional perception of the world decides


The law of resonance says that you can only go into resonance with what you yourself carry as a resonance ability. This realization is not only important for most life decisions, but also for being able to realize your own life visions. There is much in your mind that you do not carry deep in your soul, and in your soul is not always what is in your mind. But only if there is a resonance between your soul and your thoughts, you will be able to do things from the depth of your heart.


Every path of life is accompanied by the laws of resonance and cause and effect. This shows that we must create a clear awareness of these aspects so that we never violate them in the way we want to live our visions. But there is a third ordering principle that is the same for all people in this world. It describes our individual emotional experiences, which no human being can avoid in his or her life.


It is described as the principle of "emotional perception." It applies to people of all nations regardless of their ethnic, biological origin as a human being. The laws of cause and effect and resonance are directly related to the third principle of individual emotional perception of the world described here. It is never exclusively about where, when or what we experience. No, what is decisive for every experience and the associated memories in life is: HOW the experience was. The only thing that counts is HOW we experience the world. The where, when, what and possibly with whom comes secondary. Whereby the description of HOW always has an emotional character in the sense of joy, sadness, hope, love, anger or worst case hate. With deeper consideration we could say: Matter is for every human being an aid construct for the experience of the individual emotional world. The law of "emotional perception" is the strongest of all laws, because it determines every second of our life and that of others.


Letting go is a basic requirement


As is probably recognizable, the path to living one's own visions also goes hand in hand with separating oneself from old patterns. It requires a change of thinking. Some old structures, patterns that were simply put over us as a child, may need to be replaced by new aspects. This is not a step that can be achieved in an hour. Even if in the end a new worldview is lived, there is no guarantee that the new stage of life will therefore be trouble-free. However, there is no doubt that the view of the world and its individual perception will be accompanied by changes. The world will be a different place, not only for you, but also in terms of how you interact with others. And this alone will change society a bit more for the better.


Your visions shall come true


Apart from live vision coaching, one of them could also be your visions. Together we will find goals and ways to realize them. Even if the main focus is on getting people to realize their own visions of various kinds with the help of seminars. Sometimes a little help is needed to make this happen. Because sometimes visions are almost unrealizable. For example, when it comes to wanting to meet a star. And yet, in the background we have a large network at our disposal. Starting with event management for extraordinary experiences up to unpleasant messages, which we deliver to other people in an appropriate way. In summary, this is the statement: what I always wanted to ... do, experience, say. These are also visions and it does not matter whether it is only about oneself, a life partner or another important person.